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For modern international businesses, dangerous and emerging markets are difficult to access. Babylon Gates has the experience, track record and local contacts to facilitate entry into such markets. Our local knowledge and security expertise combined with our corporate experience and contacts, enables us to assist any company in taking advantage of opportunities in these difficult markets.

Babylon Gates provide four generic levels of facilitation services:

  • Name Plating
  • Introductory
  • Implementation Support
  • Partnering and Joint Ventures

Name Plate

This service is designed for a Company that has a particular market in mind as part of its overall strategy but either does not want, or is unable to commit any of its own people to the market due to security issues. The nameplate representation allows the customer to establish an office location to their letterhead and bring forward the date of entry into the market, adding more immediate presence, weight and corporate credibility. The client is provided with their own unique phone number in the relevant country that is answered in their name with the option of having calls routed back to any office location globally using the Babylon Gates worldwide communications and information system. Services provided at this stage include:

  • Holding and establishing ownership of the brand name in the local market.
  • Trade and brand registration with local and relevant national Government trade ministries and where appropriate, international government and non-government bodies.
  • An in country local contact and filter for enquiries and follow up services if required.

Introductory Services

Babylon Gates on behalf of the client can provide representation to local commercial, government and non-government organisations. This could be following up on sales or marketing leads provided to the clients back office and communicated to Babylon Gates or it could be putting the client in touch with some Babylon Gates local contacts which are mutually agreed to believe could provide benefit to the client.

Implementation Support

Once an opportunity has been identified Babylon Gates can provide the client with the support required to fully capitalise on the opportunity and bring the clients product or service to the market. These services include:

  • Provision of financial services including arranging letters of credit and project funding;
  • Due diligence on potential partners and sub-contractors;
  • Provision of relevant insurance coverage in any market including full coverage for war and terrorism for both personal accident, freighting goods, public liability and professional indemnity;
  • Provision of physical security and security advice;
  • Provision of full logistic support including tapping into the Babylon Gates 'local national infrastructure' for warehousing and distribution.

Partnering and Joint Ventures

Once a market is established for taking advantage of opportunities and the timing is determined to be right for a permanent 'in market' presence, Babylon Gates can engage with the client as a partner or distributor / agent to take full advantage of the market opportunities. This could involve:

  • Ongoing warehousing and distribution support;
  • Bolt on servicing and spare parts logistic support
  • 'In Country' recruiting and training of key staff
  • Establishment of 'in country' franchise arrangements;
  • Warranty support.

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