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Canine Intelligence, K9i, is the patrol and detection dog division of Babylon Gates. It currently provides patrol and explosive detection dog teams in support of the Project Contracting Office multi-billion dollar program in Iraq.

K9i Capabilities

Detector Dogs. K9i detector dogs can be trained to detect any scent. The most common uses are for explosives, currency, narcotics, cadavers and alcohol. K9i dogs provide a proven, reliable and potent detection capability for the following types of operations:

  • Checking post and packaging;
  • Vehicle checkpoints and roadblocks;
  • Building and/or area search;
  • A response to suspicious unattended packages;
  • Personnel searches; and
  • Transport and luggage searches.

Patrol Dogs. Patrol dogs are trained to bite and contain dangerous or threatening people. Babylon Gates patrol dogs can be used in the following types of operations:

  • Perimeter Security;
  • Listening Posts;
  • Riot and Crowd Control;
  • Apprehension of suspicious persons;

K9i can provide a dual-purpose capability for both patrol and explosive detection dogs. Our source of dogs is the same 'high drive' source as used for developing Mine Detection Dogs, the most demanding use of detection dogs.

Why K9i

K9i has a capability that has been proven and tested in the harsh and difficult environment of Iraq.

In order for a Babylon Gates Dog to be certified for use in explosive detection it must achieve a 95% success rate when tested. To date, K9i, has operated its dog teams within Iraq without incident.

K9i handlers have significant experience and are constantly trained and vetted in order to ensure the highest quality capability.

K9i dogs are sourced from leading breeders in Europe and North America. All dogs are positively vetted by K9i staff prior to pairing with a handler. The dogs are trained using a range of standards with the US Military Working Dog and North American Police Working Dog Association standards being the most common.

K9i is backed up by a high quality management team both in and out of the operating theatre. It has a sound corporate structure and the expertise to manage the logistics required to deliver and support the capability.

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